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Dining Room Table Bench with Hairpin Legs


These Rustic reclaimed timber benches are the perfect pairing to go with our Hairpin Dining Table, whether its for the kids to sit on or to make use of valuable space that chairs simply wont pull out. Our Dining Room Table Bench with Hairpin Legs adds extra depth and dimension to any eating area and brings and urban touch.

Each piece of timber we use is sourced from only FSC suppliers, ensuring our commitment to preservation of the environment.

We carefully sand, plane and hand wax each table that leaves our workshop; while ensuring we do not take away from the timbers natural characteristics, something that is very difficult to replicate in mass produced tables.

As each piece of timber we use has individual characteristics, tables may vary very slightly to the image; due to our finishing wax absorbing differently the natural marks and scours.

As we hand manufacture every table in our local workshop, we can create the table to the dimensions to fit exactly what you require.

Bench Depth: 39cm

Finishing Wax


The choice is all yours on how you would like our beautiful timber to be finished.

From the look of the natural wood to the 9 different wax options we have available. The wax is hand applied by the craftsmen in our workshop.

The options we offer are:

  • Natural (No Wax Applied)
  • Light Oak
  • Medium Oak
  • Walnut
  • Gothic
  • White Wash
  • Liming Wax
  • Forest Brown
  • Cherry Brown
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Teak

Once applied, the timber soaks up the wax and enriches its natural features. The wax not only adds to the resilience of the shelves, it also makes for easy cleaning as they are water resistant.


Want a different size? We can do that!


All our furniture is handmade in the UK, which means we can make all our products to the size you want.

All sizes and measurements are customisable, please contact us with your bespoke measurements for a personal quote.




Each product is made bespoke for every order and we can get them delivered to you as soon as the next working day.

1 – 2 Week Delivery



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